Carpet Repairs

Repair, Don't Replace!

Over time, carpets can sometimes need more than just cleaning—they might need repair. Wrinkles, ripples, burns, melted areas, unraveled seams, pulled yarns, discolorations and bleached spots are all problems we see on a regular basis.


There are many reasons why wrinkles develop on a carpet. Sometimes it's from poor installation, water damage or just ineffective cleaning. Regardless, wrinkles are unsightly, damage the carpet backing and pose a major tripping hazard. The repair experts at ProSteem Carpet Care can re-stretch the carpet area and bring it back to its original condition without having to replace it.


Life happens. And permanent stains are the worst. Whether it's bleach, oil, wine or a mystery stain, there is still hope. We can work our magic and meticulously patch the problem area, rendering it invisible. Our repairs are so seamless you'll never know the difference.

Remember, most carpet damage will only get worse over time, so take care of it quickly. Before you consider replacing your carpet, contact us for a free estimate. We even offer a One-Year Written Warranty on our repairs!